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Graffiti and Street Art Book a Street Artist.
Graffiti and Street Art. Bring more colors to your life and find the perfect graffiti artist to enhance your space. Find a talented graffiti artist for hire. Whether realistic or rather cartoon-like, hire a graffiti artist for your office walls or your living room decoration.
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10 New York Graffiti Legends Still Kicking Ass Widewalls.
Zephyr Andrew Witten is a legendary New York City graffiti artist who emerged from the Bandshell scene of the 1970s. He is one of the graffiti writers who helped jumpstart the freight train graffiti movement, and is often credited as the inventor of numerous graffiti styles still widely used today.
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Graffiti Wikipédia.
Le substantif masculin graffiti est un emprunt 2 à l italien graffiti 2, 3, 4, pluriel de graffito 2, 3, 4, dérivé de grafio, du latin graphium éraflure qui tire son étymologie du grec graphein qui signifie indifféremment écrire, dessiner ou peindre.
List of street artists Wikipedia.
A, Monsieur" A" or Monsieur" André" Swedish-Portuguese graffiti artist; lives in Paris. Blek le Rat stencil graffiti, poster art. C215 stencil graffiti. Darco born 1968 as Darco Gellert in Bielefeld, Germany graffiti artist; lives and works in Paris. EL Seed calligraphy graffiti.
Graffiti Wikipedia.
Tech Giants Hewlett Packard used graffiti company Graffiti Kings based in London to showcase the creative use for their Sprout computer by producing a video, during the video Hewlett Packard showed many pieces of graffiti art while the Graffiti Kings artist used the Sprout computer to draw digital graffiti.
Famous Graffiti Artists List of Top Street Artist Names.
They risk punishment and possible jail time in order to get their street art up by spraying on walls, using wheat paste, and painting with stencils. The best part about this graffiti artist list is that it is vote ranked, which means that Ranker users get to rank the list.

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